Mission: To deliver unparalleled technical advice, landmark transactions and competitive R&D and commercial alliances to biopharmaceutical partners in growth markets to accelerate asset globalization increasing access to medicines.





Vision: The integration of in-depth technical knowledge with consolidated in-markets track record and unparalleled business relationships in developed markets position Panarea Partners as the #1 healthcare strategic advisory firm for clients in emerging markets.





Sourcing, clinical development and commercialization alliances between biopharmaceutical companies in growth markets and US, Europe & Japan


Biopharmaceutical companies in growth markets are committed to innovation & positioned to provide or partner preclinical and clinical-stage assets for co-development or market-approved assets for regional commercialization


Biopharmaceutical partners in US, Europe & Japan are seeking to streamline access & grow the industry in Latin America & Africa 





Access to healthcare venture capital & private equity

Corporate financing and fund raising to increase access to capital for biopharmaceutical companies and private-public partnerships in growth markets


Development and management advisory of new and existing biopharmaceutical companies & healthcare venture capital funds in growth markets


Significant public & private R&D investments in growth markets delivered innovative assets which demand financing and global development & de-risking


Advisory for healthcare innovation & economic development policy in growth markets


Development of public private partnerships (PPPs) to increase access to innovative and established medicines in growth markets


Public stakeholders and capital in growth markets are expanding local industries and implementing state of the art healthcare innovation policies, which often confer global partnering opportunities for US, Europe & Japan healthcare and biotechnology companies